We fight back to protect individual rights and stop those who would use political power to attack constitutional rights.


We fight back for forgotten America. We stand ready to protect and defend the constitutional rights, livelihoods and property of people and businesses that are being targeted and destroyed.

We are prepared to fight back and confront big tech executives, who have abused federal lawsuit protections by censoring truthful speech.

The left has spied on, harassed, and smeared President Trump and his officials with illegal actions and fake news. The Trump Russia conspiracy theories were based on lies and hysteria in response we fight back to protect individual rights by supporting lawsuits and other actions that address discrimination against conservatives.

Freedom loving Americans have been the silent majority; we now intend to be the vocal majority, social media companies have censored and suppressed conservative speech to favor the far left. We #FightBack against these organizations so that freedom loving Americans can voice the truth and preserve our capital Constitution.

We want to #FightBack against those using political power and wealth to attack constitutional rights. Freedom loving Americans must #FightBack to defeat the evil forces of the left. Support our team as we #FightBack for America!


The radical left mob attacks conservatives with lies and without accountability. They use power and influence to intimidate freedom loving Americans. Those days are over. Fight back for truth because truth is incontrovertible. It’s time that we defend the truth and stop the lies.

Speak truth.
Be fearless.


This fight is about more than one person. This fight is for all freedom loving Americans. We kneel only before God, we stand up for the American flag and the principles it represents for all.

#FightBack for your future.